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Neuroscience Consulting is an acclaimed expert in three areas:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Organizational Well-being & Mental Health
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Whether you are looking for

  • an impulse or workshop on how Neuroscience can support you in creating a healthier, more purposeful and inclusive work culture
  • equipping your leaders to manage difficult conversations and strengthen resigned individuals
  • support in building your strategic DEI roadmap for your entire organization
  • helping your employees stay healthy and engaged during challenging times
  • supporting your employees to find purpose and meaning in their work and lives

– you have come to the right place.
We care for your needs and support you individually, within your teams, divisions or entire organization. We acknowledge that every organization and individual is different and we meet you where you are and equip you with the guidance and toolbox that is most beneficial for you.

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Developing leadership skills that create healthy teams with a sense of purpose and trust in a hybrid working environment

Brain agility and cognitive diversity
Investigate your thinking and emotional-processing approach and natural preferences as a leader and establish trust, connection and a fearless “mistake-culture”

Maximize your brain and network
Secure Mental Well-being within yourself and your team through more effective communication and calm leadership strategies

Leadership influence and neuroplasticity in organizations
Build an inclusive team and increase the degrees of the fundamental human need of freedom within your team’s work (“job crafting”)

More Insights for Leaders

Most of us learned, that in order to be a great leader, we need to be confident at all times, have all the answers, be extraverted, gain respect amongst our competitors and peers, hold exciting speeches, and at best also start our days with a 5am-run.

Within the last decades, being able to mastering our intentions and emotions has been demoted, while logical and technical thinking has been overrated. By contrast, research and numerous case studies have long shown that in order to be the most successful leaders we need to focus on the instrument through which we view this world, namely our minds.

However, many of us have not been taught to understand our minds and emotions and our human tendency to strive for a top position in the hierarchy, perfectionism and outer appearance can lead us to losing our meaning and purpose at work, as well as our best team members.

We will also enable leaders to discuss and share their professional experiences and support them in creating a sustainable five-action plan in order to create resilient, inclusive, psychologically safe, and purposeful teams.

Mental Health Advising for thriving employees and businesses

How you can rewire your brain to become more resilient

Organizations would have a competitive edge, if they would know how to help employees feel energized and connected in these strenuous times and how to build a healthy high-performance culture.

The good news is that human beings are more resilient than we give them credit for and there are many simple techniques that we can apply to respond effectively towards stressors to support ourselves, our colleagues and loved ones.
I am offering Mental Health advising for your leaders and company, as well as a variety of workshops for your entire organization, focus groups and individuals to provide them with a way to scale this and bring it efficient to the workplaces.


A major breakthrough in the study of stress and health came with the discovery that stress can reduce a person’s resistance to infection. Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of interactions among psychological factors, the nervous system and the immune system and incorporates neuroscience, pharmacology, genetics and molecular biology.
Laura has researched the relationships between mental processes and health and has taught medical students on doctor-patient communication models. Within her research projects, she has also advised the public health sector in India to develop HR performance and job satisfaction measurement tools to improve processes for hospitals and medical practices.

Building Diversity, Equity & Inclusion that lasts

How Neuroscience can support you to create an award-winning culture

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are not only most essential when it comes to creating a sustainable work environment. It also contributes to the wellbeing and increased retention rates of your employees and therefore acts as a natural buffer against the effects of the so called “great resignation“ that we are currently facing.

As an expert in the field of DEI I deliver a unique neuroscientific perspective on Unconscious Biases and showcase in a very practical way what companies and leaders can do to create a healthy, sustainable and inclusive work culture and build a system, where all employees can contribute and grow together. I draw from my rich experience of DEI consulting with global industries since 2015 and can support you by sharing “best in class” DEI practices from top tier companies.

Creating Psychological safety

With the support of Neuroscience you will gain a deep understanding of

  • Why Inclusion is more important than Diversity for a company’s success and wellbeing
  • How we can uncover Unconscious Biases and transform them into creating a more collaborative office culture
  • How you can increase your team’s performance by encouraging effective disagreements
  • How you can spot resigned team members, give them back a sense of inclusion, as well as supporting them to thrive again
  • How diverse role models can induce a self-fulfilling-prophecy and elevate more diverse talents to the top

Get in touch with Dr. Laura

I would be delighted to hear from you, whether you want to find out more about our services and expertise or learn how we can support you and your organization.

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